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Clothing Tips for Men Do you have knowledge of the right dressing sense? Most of us like to wear fashionable clothes, however few bother with the fact that it goes or does not go with our body type. All of us need to have some knowledge as far as fashion style is concerned.  Here are […]


  Custom Shirts   First appearances matter and being well-dressed helps solidify the first impression you make. The way you carry yourself and the clothes you choose are important to create the image you wish to portray. A custom made shirt means that it is tailored to your particular requirements. It adds something special to […]


  The Basic T-Shirt   Who doesn’t own and wear at least one T-shirt? Someone once said “to err is divine, to wear a t-shirt is just plain comfortable.” Ok, I made that up, but it’s true, what feels better than a good, old-fashioned basic t-shirt? As far as I’m concerned, nothing!   How do […]


    Behind the Seams   Before Tomer makes his first sketch, he searches out distinctive fabrics and trims, such as cashmere blends from Italy, high-tech fabrics from Switzerland, and buttons from China. After constructing his designs, he orders and ships enough thread, fabric and trim to create samples, which he shows to fashion buyers […]


  Delivering Fashion in Style   Do you ever wonder how fashion trends make it from the runway to the store to your closet?   Before clothes arrive on store shelves, every piece must go through hundreds of phases and travel thousands of miles. This requires well-coordinated logistics, for a fast-paced industry that’s already on […]


  T-shirts for Computer Gamers   The gaming industry is acquiring more and more fans every single day, so why not carry your favorite games with you every day right on your shirt? Whether you have a favorite game, or if you love them all, there is a wide variety of t-shirts available. Today, it […]


  Women’s Shirts One of the most comfortable and popular shirts in a women’s apparel lineup are her t-shirts. Women tend to be a little pickier about their t-shirts and consider the size, brand, color, style and design when making their choice. Let’s look at these considerations a little closer:   Style – the right […]


  T-Shirts that Fit   Many people purchase t-shirts simply because of the sayings and designs. However, finding a t-shirt that flatters your body type can make all the difference in comfort! Do you have a favorite t-shirt that you wear more than another? If so, look at the brand, style, and size. It is […]

Top 10 T-shirt material used today

T-Shirt Styles and Types A t-shirt is a casual shirt, typically without a collar, made of cotton. However, with the growth of the t-shirt industry, styles and types of t-shirts have expanded to include more than 100 types and styles.   Here are the top 10 types of t-shirt fabric used today: Burn-out – fabric […]

T-Shirt History

The History of the T-Shirt   The T-shirt has become today’s billboard to express our beliefs, tastes in movies and music, and support our favorite sports team or cause. It is hard to believe that this historic shirt has only existed for a little of 70 years.   T-shirts were thought of as underwear in […]