Funny T-Shirts are the Ultimate in Self-Expression

It was Mark Twain who said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

That saying still rings true, as our society has developed into one that uses apparel as a way to convey one’s social status. Simply flip through the pages of a woman’s fashion magazine to read breathless coverage of the fashion statements being made on the fashion runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. Listen to a group of high school girls criticizing the must-have fashion accessory of last season as “so last year.” Even men are not removed or immune to the whims of the fashionistas – particularly those fashion moguls who were once (or still are) hip hop moguls.

If both men and women use apparel to convey social status, then it stands to reason that they also use it as a means of self-expression. The fictitious fashion editor in “The Devil Wears Prada” always accessorized with a white Hermes scarf. Donald Trump is known for his colorful neckties, and Woody Harrelson is known for wearing hemp.

Beginning in the 1960s, T-shirts became a means of self-expression. Plain white T-shirts transformed into tie-dye works of an art proclaiming the rise of “flower power” and urging, “Make love, not war.” Soon, messages began appearing on T-shirts using silk screening or screen printing. Bands began selling branded T-shirts to their fans at concerts, and young people began wearing band T-shirts as a symbol of their personal identities.

For the past few decades, graphic tees have also been used as promotional and branding tools. Whether the word “Gap” is sprawled across the front of a T-shirt or a depiction of a favorite Disney character adorns the wearer, the T-shirt has become a means of marketing a product or brand.

This branding may have begun at the corporate level, but soon became personal. From the humble beginnings of the tie dye and peace symbols, T-shirts have evolved into a lasting trend of people wearing their beliefs, philosophies, and sense of humor on what are termed “graphic tees.” Graphic tees can range from funny shirts, joke shirts, party tees, rude shirts, to politico, etc..

There’s no doubt that funny, joke, party, and even rude shirts are the ultimate form of self-expression.

It seems like, once again, Mark Twain got it right!

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Clothing Tips for Men

Do you have knowledge of the right dressing sense? Most of us like to wear fashionable clothes, however few bother with the fact that it goes or does not go with our body type. All of us need to have some knowledge as far as fashion style is concerned.

 Here are some tips for men that can help you decide the perfect clothing choice for your body type.

 Short Waist

 Men with short waists should avoid wearing jeans as much as possible. Avoid wearing lengthy tank tops as they tend to highlight your short waist. A combination of a pink shirt and black trousers, will not go well with your body type, as it interferes with the vertical flow. It would is advisable to keep an inch higher on your waist, when determining the stitching for your pants.

 Long Waist

Men with long waists need to do things the opposite from those with a short waist. You should wear jeans as much as possible. You can wear contrasting color T-shirts and a double breast jacket to prevent people’s eyes from falling on your legs. You could also opt for belts with a high buckle.

 Flat Butts

Are you worried about your flat butt? You need to pay special attention to your pant selection. Wear pants that give you the proper fit, typically straight-long pants will go with your body type.

 Fashion tips that can help

  • Bigger and bolder patterns make you look bigger than what you actually are.
  • Horizontal pattern clothes will make you look wider.
  • Vertical pattern clothes will help you look taller and thinner.

 Men dressing tips for an interview

  • Avoid wearing any western men formal wear.
  • Choose the right color clothes and combination of your business suit and tie.
  • Avoid wearing double breasted jackets for an interview.
  • Silk Ties can do wonders to your clothing style.





Custom Shirts


First appearances matter and being well-dressed helps solidify the first impression you make. The way you carry yourself and the clothes you choose are important to create the image you wish to portray. A custom made shirt means that it is tailored to your particular requirements. It adds something special to your wardrobe and gives your self-confidence a boost.


Having a shirt tailored to your own distinct needs, allows you to choose the design of your choice and the fabric you want. It may be domestic or imported fabric in fine cotton or silk, or may be oxford or twill. Plain, stripes, solids or prints, the preference is yours alone. The shirt could be a button-down, long, short, single, double-button closure with a monogram on the collar cuff and pocket for that distinctive touch. Each person desires a different cuff style – be it classic, angled or for cufflinks. Pockets are a matter of choice as well. Perhaps you want a breast pocket, or maybe you prefer hand set pockets, again the choice is entirely yours. If you want to stand out as unique, add some contrast trim on your shirt or place stripes running down the side. The measurements for your neck, sleeves, body, tail, chest, coat, height, weight, waist, and inseam will all be taken individually to ensure that you get the right fit.


The best part is that you can look your best, precisely how you want, and make the shirt so that it complements the rest of your wardrobe. Custom shirts will give you the sense of luxury and the sensation of having a shirt that has had the full attention of a tailor, and is not another one just off the rack.



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The Basic T-Shirt


Who doesn’t own and wear at least one T-shirt? Someone once said “to err is divine, to wear a t-shirt is just plain comfortable.” Ok, I made that up, but it’s true, what feels better than a good, old-fashioned basic t-shirt? As far as I’m concerned, nothing!


How do you know if a T-shirt is of high quality? How do you know how it will wear over time? What are the best basic brands? Here are some thoughts to consider:


A high quality basic t-shirt doesn’t have to be expensive, just well-made and constructed with the right fabric. So what does well-made mean? Typically, this means that it has a seamless collar, taped neck and shoulders, and double needle stitching throughout the entire garment. As far as the fabric is concerned, you will want to look for pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey fabric, and ideally, ring spun or combed cotton. Ring spinning and combing are methods that add softness to the cotton, in which, they are noticeably softer than basic cotton. Many manufacturers make T-shirts with ring spun or combed cotton, but I like the Hanes Beefy-T, the Devon & Jones Vintage Tee, and the American Apparel Fine Jersey Tee for women. All of these are very soft, and only get better with repeated washings.

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Behind the Seams


Before Tomer makes his first sketch, he searches out distinctive fabrics and trims, such as cashmere blends from Italy, high-tech fabrics from Switzerland, and buttons from China. After constructing his designs, he orders and ships enough thread, fabric and trim to create samples, which he shows to fashion buyers in New York. These often are shipped back and forth several times from manufacturers in Italy, New York City or China until the look is perfected. Tomer works with the buyers to determine what pieces will be sold in stores.


From there, Tomer and his staff will calculate how much fabric is needed to fulfill orders. The production process moves on to a grading company, which tailors patterns to make the clothing line in multiple sizes. UPS ships the patterns, fabric and trim to New York and Italy, where tailors make the clothes.


But it takes more than shipping to make sure the clothes arrive on time. UPS’s customs brokers take care of complex textile tariffs so that all of the pieces clear inspections seamlessly.


After the clothes are crafted, they are shipped to Tomer’s New York showroom for meticulous quality inspections. Finally, the clothing is shipped to stores across the country and around the world. If his collection arrives even one day late, stores have the right to cancel their order, leaving him with thousands of dollars’ worth of garments that can’t be sold. On the other hand, delivering on time ultimately wins more business. “Being on time earns trust,” he says. “It says you’re a solid business partner.”


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Delivering Fashion in Style


Do you ever wonder how fashion trends make it from the runway to the store to your closet?


Before clothes arrive on store shelves, every piece must go through hundreds of phases and travel thousands of miles. This requires well-coordinated logistics, for a fast-paced industry that’s already on to the next trend.


“Shipping is the thread that ties our business together,” says designer Tomer Gendler. His impressive menswear label has a loyal following, including many stylists and their clients, such as Hollywood’s own Jamie Foxx and Adrien Brody.


Since the start of his business four years ago, Tomer has relied on UPS to help him transport designs, fabric and clothing around the world. “When we’re crafting a collection, we ship almost daily, and every shipment is critical to getting the job done.”





T-shirts for Computer Gamers


The gaming industry is acquiring more and more fans every single day, so why not carry your favorite games with you every day right on your shirt? Whether you have a favorite game, or if you love them all, there is a wide variety of t-shirts available. Today, it is possible to find a t-shirt depicting your favorite video or computer game for you to show off. You will be able to find these t-shirts at local stores and online at specialty websites.


These specialty websites are a gamers’ paradise because they will showcase shirts with their favorite games. A true video or computer gaming fan will not miss the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt based on their favorite game. Typically, these t-shirts cannot be found at the local t-shirt shop, as many of the designs are available exclusively on the Internet. This makes these t-shirts unique and is why these shirts attract such attention from gamers around the world.


As new games are released onto the market, soon to follow are the t-shirts to go along with the game. These gamer t-shirts are the perfect way to express true feelings towards a game and its following. As the gaming community grows, so does the gaming t-shirt business. Look for your favorite gaming t-shirt online today!

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Women’s Shirts

One of the most comfortable and popular shirts in a women’s apparel lineup are her t-shirts. Women tend to be a little pickier about their t-shirts and consider the size, brand, color, style and design when making their choice. Let’s look at these considerations a little closer:


  • Stylethe right style will make or break the decision for the purchase of a t-shirt for a woman. With so many styles available today, including long, short, baby doll, vintage and puff sleeved t-shirts, women must select the right style for their frame to ensure the best fit.
  • Color and design women tend to have a more specific color palette. Typically, once they find a group of colors that they like, they stick with it. The same is true when shopping for t-shirts. They will consider how the t-shirt will be worn (layered or alone), where it will be worn (work or play) and will consider the color and design that looks best on them.
  • Size and brand as with any wardrobe piece, women are very particular about their sizing and the sizing of t-shirts is no different. Women want their t-shirts to flatter their figure, therefore determining the perfect size in critical. They will look at the fabric, the size and the brand name to determine if they will even “try it on.”


T-shirts are a women’s best friend. No matter if it will be worn at a ball game, lounging around the house, on a date or at work, women want and search for the perfect “T” to supplement their wardrobe. Nothing is more comfortable than the perfect t-shirt!

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T-Shirts that Fit


Many people purchase t-shirts simply because of the sayings and designs. However, finding a t-shirt that flatters your body type can make all the difference in comfort! Do you have a favorite t-shirt that you wear more than another? If so, look at the brand, style, and size. It is recommended that you search for the same types of t-shirts, which you already feel comfortable in, however, you may want to check your measurements before shopping. Manufacturers often change their size charts and depending on the printing process, there may be some small shrinkage.


If you want to try some type styles and types, make sure you try it on before purchasing. Do you want snug-fitting or loose-fit? Also try different types of fabrics and see how they feel on your skin. Some people are unable to wear certain types of fabrics and the last thing you want is a cool t-shirt in a fabric you cannot wear.


Once you have purchased that perfect t-shirt, be sure that you view the laundering instructions before doing so. If you get a 100% cotton t-shirt that is NOT pre-shrunk, you will have a t-shirt that is unable to be worn after the first wash. All custom t-shirts should be turned inside out before washing. This will protect the design.

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Top 10 T-shirt material used today

T-Shirt Styles and Types

A t-shirt is a casual shirt, typically without a collar, made of cotton. However, with the growth of the t-shirt industry, styles and types of t-shirts have expanded to include more than 100 types and styles.


Here are the top 10 types of t-shirt fabric used today:

Burn-out – fabric treated with a chemical process

  • Combed cotton – fabric that is strong, soft and smooth
  • Jersey – fabric that is a stretchy-knit blend
  • Linen – fabric made from the flax plant
  • Modal – fabric made from a form of rayon (has a silky feel)
  • Pigment dyed – fabric that has been coated with a coloring process
  • Pima – fabric that is an extra-long cotton fiber
  • Polyester – fabric that maintains its shape
  • Rayon – fabric that is man made
  • Slub – fabric that is twisted to create irregular weaves


Popular t-shirt styles you may see today include stylish fits, vintage fits, camo colors, performance wear, pocket shirts, 100% cotton shirts and 50/50 shirts, just to name a few.

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T-Shirt History

The History of the T-Shirt


The T-shirt has become today’s billboard to express our beliefs, tastes in movies and music, and support our favorite sports team or cause. It is hard to believe that this historic shirt has only existed for a little of 70 years.


T-shirts were thought of as underwear in the early 1900’s, in which, it was not until the 1940’s that these shirts were used as outerwear. The first wearers of t-shirts were dock workers and naval men, but not until James Dean wore the first plain t-shirt under his leather jacket, did it really hook us. From then, t-shirts have become a staple of the clothing industry. From the 1960’s when everything was all about tie-dye to the 1980’s when hyper color was introduced.


T-shirts today have become more than just an article of clothing, they are the perfect marketing tool and place for individuals to express themselves. Custom printed t-shirts are worn by just about every person on the planet. In fact, you probably have a stack of t-shirts that are well worn and express you and your style to a “T.”


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T-Shirt Printing Processes


Today, there are many different printing processes for t-shirts. With the variety of decorations wanted on t-shirts and the increase of custom t-shirt designs, printing processes are constantly changing and adapting. Here are the most common types of processes:


  • Screen printing – this process uses a screen printer and a stencil of your design. The screen printer will burn the stencil of your design onto a mesh screen. A separate screen will be created for each color used. The screen(s) are then put in the printing press and ink is pushed through the mesh stencil and onto your blank t-shirt.
  • Digital printing – this process uses a bigger, stronger version of an inkjet printer. It uses semi-opaque inks, blended together to create a wide spectrum of colors on your t-shirt. This is a popular printing method for full-color t-shirts.
  • Dye Sublimation – this process is not used as commonly as it once was. This process uses transfer paper. Your design is put on the transfer paper (reversed) and then printers are used with heat to transfer dye onto your t-shirt. This is mainly used on polyester fabrics.
  • Heat Transfers – this process has been done by many people in their own homes. This process uses special transfer paper. Your design is printed on the transfer paper and then the heat from an iron is used to transfer the design onto the t-shirt. This method is not as durable is typically not done professionally.
  • Air Brush – this process is done by select professionals, and is done by utilizing a small spray gun to apply color to the t-shirt. It has somewhat of a graffiti effect. This is considered a specialty service by many t-shirt printing companies.