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Women’s Shirts

One of the most comfortable and popular shirts in a women’s apparel lineup are her t-shirts. Women tend to be a little pickier about their t-shirts and consider the size, brand, color, style and design when making their choice. Let’s look at these considerations a little closer:


  • Stylethe right style will make or break the decision for the purchase of a t-shirt for a woman. With so many styles available today, including long, short, baby doll, vintage and puff sleeved t-shirts, women must select the right style for their frame to ensure the best fit.
  • Color and design women tend to have a more specific color palette. Typically, once they find a group of colors that they like, they stick with it. The same is true when shopping for t-shirts. They will consider how the t-shirt will be worn (layered or alone), where it will be worn (work or play) and will consider the color and design that looks best on them.
  • Size and brand as with any wardrobe piece, women are very particular about their sizing and the sizing of t-shirts is no different. Women want their t-shirts to flatter their figure, therefore determining the perfect size in critical. They will look at the fabric, the size and the brand name to determine if they will even “try it on.”


T-shirts are a women’s best friend. No matter if it will be worn at a ball game, lounging around the house, on a date or at work, women want and search for the perfect “T” to supplement their wardrobe. Nothing is more comfortable than the perfect t-shirt!