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T-Shirts that Fit


Many people purchase t-shirts simply because of the sayings and designs. However, finding a t-shirt that flatters your body type can make all the difference in comfort! Do you have a favorite t-shirt that you wear more than another? If so, look at the brand, style, and size. It is recommended that you search for the same types of t-shirts, which you already feel comfortable in, however, you may want to check your measurements before shopping. Manufacturers often change their size charts and depending on the printing process, there may be some small shrinkage.


If you want to try some type styles and types, make sure you try it on before purchasing. Do you want snug-fitting or loose-fit? Also try different types of fabrics and see how they feel on your skin. Some people are unable to wear certain types of fabrics and the last thing you want is a cool t-shirt in a fabric you cannot wear.


Once you have purchased that perfect t-shirt, be sure that you view the laundering instructions before doing so. If you get a 100% cotton t-shirt that is NOT pre-shrunk, you will have a t-shirt that is unable to be worn after the first wash. All custom t-shirts should be turned inside out before washing. This will protect the design.