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T-Shirt History

The History of the T-Shirt


The T-shirt has become today’s billboard to express our beliefs, tastes in movies and music, and support our favorite sports team or cause. It is hard to believe that this historic shirt has only existed for a little of 70 years.


T-shirts were thought of as underwear in the early 1900’s, in which, it was not until the 1940’s that these shirts were used as outerwear. The first wearers of t-shirts were dock workers and naval men, but not until James Dean wore the first plain t-shirt under his leather jacket, did it really hook us. From then, t-shirts have become a staple of the clothing industry. From the 1960’s when everything was all about tie-dye to the 1980’s when hyper color was introduced.


T-shirts today have become more than just an article of clothing, they are the perfect marketing tool and place for individuals to express themselves. Custom printed t-shirts are worn by just about every person on the planet. In fact, you probably have a stack of t-shirts that are well worn and express you and your style to a “T.”