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Top 10 T-shirt material used today

T-Shirt Styles and Types

A t-shirt is a casual shirt, typically without a collar, made of cotton. However, with the growth of the t-shirt industry, styles and types of t-shirts have expanded to include more than 100 types and styles.


Here are the top 10 types of t-shirt fabric used today:

Burn-out – fabric treated with a chemical process

  • Combed cotton – fabric that is strong, soft and smooth
  • Jersey – fabric that is a stretchy-knit blend
  • Linen – fabric made from the flax plant
  • Modal – fabric made from a form of rayon (has a silky feel)
  • Pigment dyed – fabric that has been coated with a coloring process
  • Pima – fabric that is an extra-long cotton fiber
  • Polyester – fabric that maintains its shape
  • Rayon – fabric that is man made
  • Slub – fabric that is twisted to create irregular weaves


Popular t-shirt styles you may see today include stylish fits, vintage fits, camo colors, performance wear, pocket shirts, 100% cotton shirts and 50/50 shirts, just to name a few.